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I made two baby cards last weekend...whenever I make a card for my daughter, I have learned to give her choices and by that I mean I have learned this lesson the hard way.  Over the last 21 years of her life, I now accept that she needs to make decisions herself.  I haven't shopped for clothes with her since she was in middle school.  I didn't help her pick out her first car.  I didn't give suggestions about the paint color of her room (which is too dark), or even make suggestions about what college she should attend.   I am very lucky that she let's me help her choose what shampoo she uses or the toothpaste I buy for her.  So, knowing that, and considering she has always made me proud and is doing really well for a young person her age, when I am asked to make a baby card for her, I am happy to give her at least two different cards to choose from.  Not a problem.  I love making baby cards.  Here is the second card I made for her to give:
Lil Inker to the rescue again.  Carly didn't end up choosing this card, she didn't think it was "baby" enough, but as a mom I know she won't get it until she is a mom herself.  My dreams really did come true when she was born and I am sure whoever gets this card will feel the same way about their baby.   I used lots of Lil Inker on this one, Instant Camera Die, Rainbow and Cloud die sets.  I have got to get some more Lil Inker sentiments...I didn't have a single one that had to do with baby so I ended up using a PTI sentiment from Night, Night Moon, another favorite baby stamp set of mine.  I used PTI Sweet Blush patterned paper pack for the rainbow and I inked the clouds with a little WPlus9 white pigment ink which is now my favorite white ink.  It is fabulous!  So, since Carly didn't choose this card, I have another cute pink baby card to add to my collection.


Marybeth said...

Loved this post, made me smile and I can so relate! This card is beautiful CAS,love all those Lil Inkers dies and the pink gingham . I so get the sentiment, you had your girl last and I my son.
I can see why Carly picked the onesie card is was so darn adorable ,but I love them both . What a good mom!

Cathy I totally get your post! We can't make our kids see things our way and we need to embrace that they make their own decisions even if sometimes we don't agree. It might be a girl thing. LOVE this super sweet card, my niece is expecting her first,a girl, any moment and I think I may need to CASE/COPY this gorgeous card!!

Pauline said...

Beautiful card Cathy, that rainbow and cloud combo is perfect for a baby card!

Joyce said...

I can't believe she did not pick this card. She is a tough audience--probably tougher than those folks at Papercrafts who select cards for publication. I love all the pink, and how it is traditional in the color, but non traditional in the images.

These baby cards are gorgeous Cathy and if you had given me the choice, I'd still be trying to make up my mind lol!I so heard what you were saying about your daughter, but I seem to remember I was a bit like that myself way back when I knew everything.

Sharron said...

I love this sentiment and see it as the perfect baby card. But I can also see why Carly would pick the onesie--so unique and adorable! You are a sweet mom to have given her a choice. I just know both cards are AWESOME!!

Christina said...

I can see my daughter being just the same way, as I was with my mother, but I guess we do want them to become independent. :) This card is truly adorable, especially with the gingham and stitched accents!

Jeanne J said...

Great post Cathy! I love this card and you're right Carly will get it some day. I love this card - the stitched die cuts, the pretty pink, and the fun rounded corners. You always do baby cards so well - this is another winner and it feels right - it doesn't need any safety pins or anything else!

Positively perfect!!! I did not have children in my 20's, life gave me the chance to adopt my wonderful nephew, and truly my wishes came true!! This card is subtle, however very deep!!

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